Today I was inspired by Sen (Video Game Designer) that created games like “Mad Father” and “Misao”, using the Wolf RPG Maker. I really want to make some games similar to these before I move onto 3D works or even more complex tools for 2D. I already have a couple different stories in my head so I’m designing the characters in RPG Maker VX Ace (based of how I imagined them of course, I create a name, generic traits that I want them to possess, as well as some physical traits I just happen to imagine them as, before I create their finalized and individualized details.

I’m excited for making these characters in their sprite form. (EEEEEE!!!)

Soon, the map! Sometimes I make the map first, but not this time, ehehe.

I started watching them because of Pewdiepie. I know not everyone is fond of him, but I find him funny and enough to distract me with the jump scares and stuff. xD In any case, it made me want to create some games like those before I officially start Interactive Arts & Technology at SFU. The inspiration was worth it. 🙂



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